Board Vacancies and Application

Available Seats

Applications are being accepted for the following Boards, Committees, and Commissions seats that are

currently vacant

  • Borough Lands Committee 
     - 1 ANCSA Representative Seat
  • Citizens Board of Equalization – 1 Seat
  • Kodiak Workforce Regional Advisory Council 
     - 1 Agriculture and Natural Resources Seat 
     - 1 Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Seat 
     - 1 Business Management and IT Seat 
     - 1 Human Resource Services Seat 
     - 1 Health and Sports Fitness Seat
  • Parks and Recreation Committee – 3 Seats
  • Personnel Advisory Board – 3 Seats
  • Solid Waste Advisory Board 
     - 1 Retail Business Representative Seat 

Service Area Boards

  • Airport Fire Protection Service Area Board – 5 Seats
  • Monashka Bay Road Service Area Board – 1 Seat
  • Trinity Island Streetlight Service Area Board – 3 Seats
  • Woodland Acres Streetlight Service Area Board – 3 Seats 



In addition to any other qualifications required by borough code, members:
   A. Shall be a qualified voter of the borough; and
   B. Shall remain a resident of the borough while in office.
   C. Service Area Board applicants must be residents of the service area. (*except for the Airport Fire Protection.)

All boards and committees serve in an advisory capacity to the Assembly. If you are interested in serving on one or more of these boards you may fill out the online application. Please call the Borough Clerk's Office at (907) 486-9310 for any questions.

The Kodiak Island Borough is seeking a volunteer to the Kodiak Village Mayor Association Seat on the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council (PWSRCAC) who will serve a two year term to expire at the Council’s annual meeting of 2019. The dedicated seat for the KIB is its opportunity to influence decisions having profound implications for oil transportation safety in Alaska, and for the state’s oil spill prevention and response capabilities. 



Must be a resident of the State of Alaska. The volunteer is expected to bring to the table a wealth of local knowledge, experience, and expertise that will contribute greatly to protecting the waters and marine resources from oil pollution.

How to apply:

Please submit a letter of interest by March 15, 2017 to the Borough Clerk’s Office through email at